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F044-Hamburger Saignant II

FRANTIC 044 – Hamburger Saignant II V/A LP by Frantic City Records FRANTIC 044 – HAMBURGER SAIGNANT II Various Artists LP About three years after volume 1, Hamburger Saignant 2 is out and brings you 14 more bands from Belgium and France. Though they may be Garage, Punk, Psych or whatever (you’ll see that the […]

F043-Skeptics/Precheur Loup

FRANTIC 043 – Skeptics / Prêcheur Loup split CS by SK / PL FRANTIC 043 – SKEPTICS / PRECHEUR LOUP Wolf Meeting CS This new split cassette starts with four new Skeptics songs recorded at the old garden shack in La Rochelle during the hot summer of 2015. But if these songs were recorded the […]