Who we are. What we do.

Frantic City was born out of the ashes of a previous non-profit organisation called Upsetter All Star - and then ‘Little Pink Medecine’ - which was started in La Rochelle, France, in 2001.
Frantic City organised its first show in Bordeaux in 2006 (The Kids at Heretic Club). There were also 6 issues of a paper fanzine and eventually the first release on Frantic City Records which was the Four Slicks / Pneumonias split 7’’.

44 releases on, and after 2 years spent in exile in Brussels, Belgium, Frantic City organises its first gig in Nantes in April 2018 and the story goes on.
Gigs, Tour-Booking, record label, distribution - Frantic City does it all the DIY way, with varying degrees of enthusiasm depending on the period AND the weather.

Carrying on against all odds since 2006. That’s quite something.

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