F043-Skeptics/Precheur Loup

Wolf Meeting


Wolf Meeting CS

This new split cassette starts with four new Skeptics songs recorded at the old garden shack in La Rochelle during the hot summer of 2015. But if these songs were recorded the old school way, just as the first recordings – which you can find on Moody Monkey’s « File under Fuzz Punk » LP – were, they’re far away from the BFTG grunting-Garage style of these early recordings and are more leaning towards a Heavy-Psych sound which was already hinted at with their last album « Open Sea ». Don’t worry though, the Fuzz is still super thick when turned ON !

The other side features four of the first recordings done by Prêcheur Loup, from Bordeaux, who’s lately been seen playing guitar in Jaromil Sabor – with whom he recorded a much-praised 10 track tape out on Frantic City in Spring 2015. He’s just started playing gigs with a line-up made up of all four members of trash Garage/Grunge band Cockpit + him singing and playing guitar, and surely that’s something you don’t want to miss if you dig the old Reatards or LiveFastDie records.

All songs were mastered by Lo’Spider for good measure and a download code is hidden inside.

Released November 4, 2016.

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