F041-Double Cheese

Double Cheese


Double Cheese 10"

Formed in La Rochelle in early-2014 by Ugo (Charles Howl) and Bart (Skeptics, Pneumonias, White Fangs…), Double Cheese recorded their first 8-track tape - out on Ugo’s label Cheap Trash Tapes in April the same year - as a duo before Aline aka Kristal Suiker from Skeptics joined them on bass. A split tape with Coffee Saucers followed on Désobéissance Records in October bearing the band’s first recordings as a three-piece. Their sound evolved from Super Trash Garage Punk to something more consistent, and though it’s still Garage and it’s still Punk with lots of Fuzz and Reverb, they tried somewhat different things during their recording session at Lo’Spider’s in Toulouse in Spring 2015, adding touches of Pop colors here and there.

The 4-track 7’’ does come with some pretty neat and colorful artwork by Brussels artist Robin Renard who was already responsible for their first tape’s artwork. This record will be available on the Double Cheese / Proto Idiot tour which will bring both bands high in the Netherlands, and will officially come out on January 19, 2016.

Released January 19, 2016.

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