Dragster 10"

They’ve been around for some three years now and they’ve been touring over Europe quite a lot already – especially in Switzerland they seem to particularly enjoy – but they only released a 7-track cassette on French label Six tonnes de chair so far… Now the duo known as Dragster, formed in Rennes but recently exiled in Brussels, is finally back with something more consistent.

It’s a 10’’ vinyl featuring 8 new Trashier-than-Trash Garage Punk songs recorded with Master Spider in his dungeon down in Toulouse, wrapped-up in a nice sleeve by fellow expat’ Lou l’Enfer (who was the hero of their first video « Lou l’Enfer chasseur de dragons » you should check out on Youtube !). Thick layers of Fuzz, over-reverbed vocals, acutely tuned guitars and heavy, primitive drumming, this all could sound like some early-Magnetix stuff to me… Co-released with Retard Records, dude.

Released March 25, 2016.

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