Skeptics-Open Sea


Open Sea 10"

Skeptics are back with a new record and this time it's a classy 10'' vinyl (just look at Guillaume Sport Lukçe's neat artwork) featuring 7 new tracks from the French disciples of Fuzz. « Black lonely & blue », their sophomore LP, came out on Lisbon's Groovie Records at the very end of 2013, and since then the La Rochelle-based trio have been adding a fourth member, second guitar in the band, and relentlessly touring and recording new material at their favourite recording shack, Lo'Spider's Swampland studio down in Toulouse. Songs from these sessions already filtered as two different splits came out in 2014, first one being a split 7'' with Canadian crime-pals Dead Ghosts on Frantic City Records, second one being a split tape with Manchester party-boys Brown Brogues on Ultra Cool Records, which featured the song « TV Wizard » in it. A revised version of « TV Wizard » opens this new 10'' and it's a deluge of Heavy Fuzz straight from the beginning. But don't get it wrong, this here is not just another Garage record...

With their dark and savage music and by means of grinding riffs and brooding chants, Skeptics bring us on an end-of-time Roller-Coaster ride summoning forgotten demons along the way. Now this « Open Sea » is most certainly a record to be prescribed to those complaining about Garage music becoming dull and boring nowadays!

Released June 17, 2015.

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