F036-Pierre et Bastien

Pierre et Bastien


Greatest Hits CS

Their (fantastic) sophomore LP is just out on Polly Maggoo Records (Volt, Intelligence, Brainbombs, TITS...) and it was high time we put out a compilation of all of Pierre et Bastien's earlier material. From their first Drum Machine Punk songs ('No Sex') to their more recent and more sophisticated numbers with Trux on drums ('Stress et Paillettes'), everything's in there, even two live tracks recorded in Bordeaux and an unreleased track dating back to the very early days when Paul was still tinkering around in his bedroom !

Sixteen tracks all in all, which were previously released on labels such as SDZ, Killedbyanaxe, Les Disques Flow, Pouet !, Born Bad and more, on a pretty little tape. Limited to 150 copies only, comes with a download coupon.

Released May 12, 2015.

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