F034-Lady Banana

Lady Banana - Wall of Cheese


Wall Of Cheese CS

Swedish Trash Garage duo Lady Banana - formed a few years ago in Göteborg on the warm ashes of the mighty Tundra Fucks - came to France twice and managed to get some days off to spend in Toulouse’s Swampland Studios each time. First session (off which two songs ended up on the split 7’’ with Skeptics on Frantic City and two more made up their ‘I’m not you’ 7’’ on Beaver Milk Records) was during their Tour De France with Skeptics in October 2012, second session occured in Summer 2013 during the small tour they did in the South of France with Destination Lonely.

Eleven songs where thusly recorded with Swampland wizard Lo’Spider, probably the best recording master they could’ve found to record their very unique blend of Garage, Punk and Raw Blues. So this is what you’ll get on this tape, the complete Swampland sessions from Lady Banana, eleven songs and more than half of them unreleased ! So all of you Cheater Slicks and Oblivians fans, don’t be foolish and get this little gem of a tape before it’s too late, only 150 copies were made… Download Coupon included.

Released April 14, 2015.

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