F033-Jaromil Sabor & Precheur Loup

Jaromil Sabor - Precheur Loup


You shall use your time...and your mama's too CS

Loïk (Jaromil Sabor) and Antoine (Prêcheur Loup) met in Bordeaux in 2007. They played together in different bands such as The Magical Jumblies Club and Captain Kidd & the Dreamers, and then, in Winter 2010, the two of them started working on new stuff together. During Christmas holidays, their mission was to record a new song everyday. They were writing and recording on the couch in Loïk’s flat while spinning records - John Lennon’s "Mind Games", the Fresh & Onlys, Mr David Viner, Wilson Pickett… At the end of the holidays they had enough songs to start playing them live, and opened for bands such as Rita Braga, The Oscillation and more with this new band they had together. Then both of them went abroad for a couple of years, not seeing each other, and when they met again last summer they decided to re-record all their songs with a better sound. They did it in Antoine’s garden shack this time, bringing-in various friends for additional drums, synth or guitar parts…

And this is how they came up with the ten songs making up this "You shall use your time… and your Mama’s too" cassette, alterning Folky ballads like fellow Frantic City band Regal knows how to cook (‘Nicole’) with straight-forward Spits-like space Synth-Punk songs (‘Calcomatraque’). Mastered by The Rest of Alfredo Garcia. Download Coupon included.

Released April 2, 2015.

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