F032-The Staches

The Staches - NYC


NYC 7"

The Staches are two girls and two guys from Geneva, Switzerland, who’ve been sticking together for years now and relentlessly working on blending together Garage, Girl Punk, Lo-Fi Pop and Psychedelic music. Pushed by the enthusiasm of their youth, they’ve been roaming the roads of Europe and already totalize a fair amount of about 100 gigs. Their first album « Machine » (Burning Sound Records, La Chaux-de-Fonds) came out in May 2014, quickly followed by their first 7’’ « There’s Something in Between » (La Suisse Primitive Records, Saint Gallen) in October 2014. Now the two songs making up this new 7’’ co-released by Azbin and Frantic City Records were recorded by Seth Sutton from Useless Eaters in San Francisco in August 2014.

Released February 15, 2015.

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