F031-Dead Ghosts / Skeptics

Dead Ghosts / Skeptics


Split 7"

Skeptics played thrice with Dead Ghosts, twice in La Rochelle, once in Bordeaux, and that was far enough to understand that Bryan and the boys are but a bunch of jolly good fellows. Been following them from the great "Bad Vibes" 7" they put out on French record label Yakisakana in 2009 (you can find both songs on the "Rarities" LP out this year on Bachelor) up to their second album "Can't get no" out on Burger Records in 2013 and always been much contented with their own special blend of Garage, Folk and whatever's-in-there-too so far. They're definitely one of the best things which came out of Canada in the last few years along with Demon's Claws or Indian Wars.

They are working on their third full-length at the moment and gave us this neat cover of "Girl", from Back from the Grave fame's The Keggs for this record. Skeptics, long-time Frantic City favourites since we put out the first 7" in 2009, are also working on their third full-length and the garagesters from La Rochelle - who are now a four-piece band, which means twice as much Fuzz and Reverb!! - came up with a very personal rendition of 60s Dutch band Groep 1850's first A-sider "Misty Night", perfect match for this split 7".

So here you go, two 60s covers by two of the most exciting contemporary Garage bands from Canada and France, wrapped-up in a nice full-color cover by Brussels' own Robin Renard and pressed on colored vinyl. Limited to 300 copies so you know you'd better act fast!

Released November 26, 2014.

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