F026-Skeptics / White Ass

Skeptics / White Ass


Split CS

This is Frantic City's second co-release with Inch Allah Records from Paris after the Teenage Moonlight Borderliners / White Fangs split tape which came out some time ago (FRANTIC 016). On this new split tape you'll find the very first recordings from White Ass from Paris, Trash Garage band formed by ex or current Viscous Brothers, Teenage Moonlight Borderliners, Crash Normal, Pierre et Bastien, TITS and more, 5 super-trash, highly-reverbed and extremely well-knit songs. Check these dudes out they're sure worth it!

On the other side are 6 tracks taken from the very first band-recordings done by the Skeptics in April 2012 in the Netherlands with Robin, the first Skeptics' drummer, on drums. These were recorded one afternoon in a Garage somewhere in Meppel by Peter 'Tapeworm' (No-Goods, Keefmen, Grapefruit Zoo, Low Point Drains...) on his 4-track portable recording device of some sort. Lots of Fuzz and lots of Reverb. What else would you expect from the Skeptics? Primitive, that's how they live. Dig it freaks, but dig it fast because only 100 copies of this nice little tape were made! Art by Etienne Belargent and Alessandra Danelli.

Released October 15, 2013.

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