F024-Forever Pavot

Forever Pavot Christophe Colomb


Christophe Colomb 7"

Forever Pavot is the brain-child of Emile from Arun Tazieff, Psych/Prog band from Paris, who started recording songs by himself. A few months ago he put out a single limited to 50 copies which sold out in a few days, now Frantic City is re-releasing it with 2 extra-songs and limited to 300 copies this time ; four Heavy Psychedelic tracks with a strong 60s influence (« Psychedelic Unknowns », « Acid Visions » or « Beyond the Calico Wall » compilation series come to mind), but not just that, since our little blue boy also digs contemporary bands such as tasty Tame Impala or those Frenchies from Aquaserge. Ad a pinch of Ennio Morricone and here we go, the best soundtrack to a Roger Vadim's Barbarella sequel!

Released January 28, 2015.

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