F016-White Fangs / Teenage Moonlight Borderliners

White Fangs / Teenage Moonlight Borderliners


Split CS

Second tape out on Frantic City, White Fangs (Garage Punk trio from Brussels formed by guys from thee Marvin Gays, Warm Toy Machine, Wild Zeros, Mean Things, Skeptics, Pneumonias etc) put 8 tracks from the same recording session as the split 7" with Combomatix (recorded in April 2011 by Benjamin Daures from the Creteens and Yussuf Jerusalem in his basement/bedroom in St Ouen), they end up with a neat cover version of Devo's "Mongoloid". This is for side A, on side B the duo from Paris Teenage Moonlight Borderliners put 8 tracks as well, recorded on a portable recorder (!), Bluesy Garage Trash with lots of reverb!

Artwork by Henry Death. Co-released with Inch Allah Records.

Released July 7, 2011.

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