F014-Combomatix / White Fangs

Combomatix / White Fangs


Split 7"

The first 7" from the trashy Garage Punk duo from Rennes Combomatix, "Cocktail Scandinavie", came out just a few months ago and now they're back with two brand new tracks recorded by Alexander Bunch (Carpet Sellers) at Baldo's (Blutt, Carpet Sellers, Chimiks...)! They're Garage, they're Trash and they mean lots of fun. White Fangs are a brand new trio from Brussels formed by guys from thee Marvin Gays, Warm Toy Machine, Wild Zeros, Mean Things, Skeptics, Pneumonias etc, they put 2 tracks on the other side, recorded in April 2011 by Benjamin Daures (Creteens, Jack Of Heart, Yussuf Jerusalem...) in his basement/bedroom in St Ouen! First track is rather "dark", second one is speeded-up Garage Punk Trash à la Reatards, Kill-A-Watts etc.

Artwork by Robin Renard.

Released May 1, 2011.

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