F010-Atomic Suplex


Rock & Roll must die 7"

Destructo Rock & Roll at its best, these guys from Croydon (Greater London) are the English Guitar Wolf, no joke! The band did a split 7" with the Swankers on Death Pop (UK) before this single, since then they put out 2 new split 7"es with Hercules II on Radiowave Recordings (UK) and with Theee Bat on Swamp Fiction (Japan). They toured Japan twice already and are conctantly playing in and around the London area, I witnessed one of their show and it's complete Rock & Roll mayhem on stage, just as on the record!

Three super raw Garage Punk tracks like the Sonics meet Guitar Wolf by those English men and women, screeching guitars, roaring sexaphone and hard-pounding drums!

Released March 1, 2010.

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