F006-Wild Zeros

FRANTIC 006 - Wild Zeros

Homesick 7"

This is the first single from the La Rochelle/Bordeaux combo mixing 60s Garage and late 70s Punk, 4 tracks recorded by Lo'Spider at Boogaloo Studios in Bordeaux, they do a DMZ cover ("Boy from Nowhere") and that definitely suits them, this band being highly reminiscent of Monoman's bands as well as late-70s winners such as the Real Kids, Saints, Fun Things... Looch Vibrato from the Magnetix plays organ on the last track.

The guys have been involved in bands such as The Pneumonias, Flying Over, the Mean Things, The Magnetix (Wild F, the Wild Zeros' drummer is also known as "Arthur Burners" and played bass in the Magnetix for quite some time, he even recorded some tracks with them on their first LP "Magnetic Reaction"), Challengers of the Unknown and more.

Released June 1, 2008.

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